Dekaron Hack

27 01 2010

Welcome to Dekaron Hacks Blog!

1.U must to download the NEBULAR Bypass, ReXIGNation v2.2.1.rar . After the download have finished, you must to extract all the files in the 2Moons Folder : example Local Disk d:/2moons.

2.Download Dekaron  global_unpacked_32.92.3.rar and then extract that on 2moons /bin.

3.Download Cheat Engine .

4.Open the Launcher (from 2moons folder) select from bin Dekaron Global Unpacked 32.92.3. And Launch.

5.Open Cheat Engine and click on and in the Process List select global_unpacked 32.93.3.

4.Click on and open the hack’s List, That you will Download from here Hack.ct.

And now just play, and Hack Carefuly.

For Skill hack, leave comments here, I sell for items or DIL in Dekaron.